Exhaust Repair San Diego

exhaust system repair san diego

Exhaust Repair San Diego

We'll Repair Your Exhaust!
Did your exhaust system get damaged from road hazards or an accident? We specialize in exhaust repairs like pipe straightening, hole and leak repair, exhaust hanger repair, exhaust seal replacement and repair, muffler repair and catalytic converter replacement. We'll get your vehicle back on the road for less than a dealership ever could.

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Smog System Repair

Not Passing Emissions Tests?
There are several parts of your car or truck exhaust system that could be to blame: catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, mufflers and the exhaust piping in between. We'll repair the problem with your vehicle and get you back on the road, typically in the same day!

We Install 50 State Legal Catalytic Converters!
We stock a wide variety of OBD1 and OBD2 catalytic converters to accommodate most makes and models of vehicles, both import and domestic. Don't get fooled! Only approved catalytic converters will pass emissions on California vehicles. It is illegal in California to select a catalytic converter for installation based solely on vehicle weight, engine size, physical shape, size, flow rate, configuration or pipe diameter.

Body Shop Exhaust Repair

Collision Centers / Body Shops
You may not need to replace your client's exhaust system. In most circumstances, we can repair the collision damage that the exhaust system sustained without replacing the vehicles entire exhaust system, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

collision damage exhaust system repair san diego
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"I recently found that our 2002 Chevy Impala had a widely known "lack of acceleration/power" issue that is traced to clogged catalytic converter (NO check engine light). My mechanic let me know they couldn't replace the catalytic converter. I found Andy's service on Google with strong positive reviews and took a chance. Andy replaced the catalytic converter himself, showed me how it was clogged (compared to new) and did it in a few hours at a VERY FAIR price. Very impressed with his pro-client communications style and fair dealings. I was so pleased I also had him replace front and rear clogged O2 sensors that Andy also recommended. Again VERY fair an did the job in an hour when I arrived. Highly recommend Andy if you want a fair and honest repair!"

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"As a mechanic, I recognize quality work done by a skilled craftsman. Andy is not only a craftsman, he is an artist. He cut out some poor quality work that had been done by a different mechanic, installed the new parts, and the whole thing looked like a piece of art. The workmanship was exemplary. He also charged a very reasonable fee for the small job (installing a catalytic converter, that I purchased at a parts store) In fact, after the modest estimate he gave me, I was amazed at the quantity of work he did, going above and beyond, to assure the job was done right. I got more than I paid for. This guy is the best."

andys muffler service san diego

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