Performance Exhaust Systems

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We Install Performance Exhaust Systems!
We can build you a custom exhaust system that perfectly fits under your car or truck and sounds exactly the way you want it to. Looking for added performance? We can build an h-pipe or x-pipe into your exhaust system to free up extra horsepower. We stock 2-4 inch exhaust pipe and the best sounding aftermarket mufflers including Flowmaster & Magnaflow. To finish off your vehicles look, we'll set you up with a set of custom exhaust tips in the finish and style of your choice.

Does your hot rod, muscle car, tuner or turbo diesel truck need to have it's exhaust system replaced to keep up with the performance modifications you've built into your engine? Call us for a truly custom exhaust system based on your engine's needs. We'll give your car the deep, aggressive tone you've been looking for.

Aftermarket Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Purchase An Aftermarket Cat-Back Exhaust System Online?
We can install your system for leak-free performance for years to come. If you're considering a cat-back truck, we specialize in diesel cat-back exhaust systems from high end manufacturers.

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Custom X-Pipe Installation

X pipes directly blend exhaust gas pulses from both cylinder banks and produce better upper-RPM power than traditional dual straight pipe exahust systems. X-pipes produce a more race car like, raspy sound.

Custom H-Pipe Installation

H pipes help to level out exhaust pulses and increase low to midrange torque over traditional dual straight pipe exahust systems. H-pipes produce more of a hot-rod / muscle car "burble" or rumble.

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Exhaust Cut Outs

Electric or manual exhaust cut outs are valves installed in the exhaust that let you choose when you want to be loud or quiet by opening the exhaust system up before the mufflers.

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"Andy is a GREAT guy. I had him install a single side dump flowmaster exhaust on my 2018 GMC Sierra and damn it sounds good now. The stock exhaust makes these trucks sound like a stock civic so it was a must. I watched Andy work and he knows what he's doin. His welds are GREAT and he knows what he's talking about. I couldn't believe the price, I definitely got more then I paid for. He takes care of our military guys. If you need any exhaust work CALL him and you won't regret it."

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"Andy is a very down to earth person and will help you out any way he can. He worked with me and squeezed me in his tight schedule and had me come in on a Sunday! His work is quick and professional; he definitely knows what he's doing. I used Yelp's system to get quotes at different shops and he always replies within an hour if not minutes. He charged a very reasonable rate as well compared to everywhere else. I had a Roush axelback exhaust installed on my 2017 Mustang GT; I was in and out within half an hour. Give him a call or shoot him a message through Yelp, come in and hang out while you watch a master at work. Thank you Andy! I'll definitely will be back for my other projects!"

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